Let color explode in your next project with selections from the Fantasy collection.

Yummy lime and lemon and hot tamale red give burst of brightness right where you need it! And you can't go wrong with Fantasy when you need a graphic element to your project. Choose from a maze, a daisy checkerboard style and fresh little floral ditties.

There's a little something' for everyone with Fantasy by Wendy Williams!

Quilts from the Civil War are rare, but they do exist and quilt historian Pam Weeks has chosen a striking selection of patterns and colors from her antique collection to design Civil War Album Two. The elegant richness of the vibrant color and pattern way is an art form in its self!  Album quilts, also called friendship quilts were quite the rage in mid-century America.

Signed blocks were exchanged and fashioned into beautiful quilts. The theme of these quilts are often the inspiration for today's friendship quilts. Using historically inspired cottons such as Civil War Album Two will make your project a treasured keepsake.

The Queen of the South was the description of New Orleans in 1850…with it's international flavor, it was the center of beauty, high finance, teeming industry and a challenger to New York as the nation's greatest port. Gorgeous goods sailed into it's wharves and among those were yards and yards of exquisite textiles.

Artist Jean Anne Wright has captured the essence of this period of New Orleans history with her vivid adaptation from her unique collection of antique French quilts. Feathers and flourishes combined with the fresh color palette make this collection perfect for modern interpretation!

The city of Charleston was the place for high society in the south before the Civil War. The people living in Charleston were prosperous, and being a port city enjoyed the best of European exports, especially textiles. The rich colors and patterns in the Charleston 1850 collection exemplify the quality of life during the historic period.

Stitch a bit of history in your next project with this exciting collection!

The past is present again in this collection of beautiful miniatures.

Paisley, shirtings and other ditties offer a wide range of color and pattern to add the missing dimension to your project. Whether you are crafting an heirloom quilt or a garment, these Civil War Miniatures add the perfect finishing touch. This collection is perfect for home decor touches also.....think pillows, drapery or covered lampshade....let your imagination fly.